IFBB Physique America Bikini

IFBB Physique America Membership

Each competitor must be a member of IFBB Physique America. 

General Competition Rules

  • Competitors wear a two-piece bikini.
  • The bottom of the bikini must be v-shaped.
  • No thongs are allowed.
  • Competitors may compete in an "off the rack" bikini.
  • Competitors wear high heels.
  • Competitors may wear jewelry.

IFBB Physique America Posing

See image below.

Height Classes

Description Here.

IFBB Physique America Bikini Posing

The Basics

In numerical order, and in groups of not more than ten competitors at a time, each group is directed to the center-stage area to perform the four quarter turns.

The IFBB Chief Judge or Stage Director will direct the competitors through the four quarter turns, which are:

  • Quarter Turn to the Right
  • Quarter Turn to the Right, Face the Rear 
  • Quarter Turn to the Right
  • Quarter Turn to the Righ, Face Forward